Kentucky Infrastructure Coalition



LOUISVILLE, KY – Kentucky’s industry and transportation leaders announced the formation of a new coalition whose purpose is to prevent the serious decline of Kentucky’s infrastructure.

The Kentucky Infrastructure Coalition (KIC) has been formed to provide solutions to the Commonwealth’s transportation needs. Juva Barber, Executive Director of Kentuckians for Better Transportation, serves as chair for KIC.

“Kentucky has an incredible multi-modal transportation network and we must protect it,” stated Barber. “Kentucky is centrally located and our roads, bridges, rail lines, river ports, and airports have helped create hundreds of thousands of jobs while our transit system has provided millions of trips to work and school. Our responsibility is to maintain and improve these transportation assets to move Kentucky forward.”

Below are several facts about Kentucky’s transportation system:

  • Kentucky’s motor fuel tax revenues are dedicated to improving our roadways.Those revenues are in decline due to increased efficiencies in cars and trucks.

  • Upgrades are needed at Kentucky’s public ports to take advantage of our extensive river system.

  • Kentucky’s transit system provides 31 million trips per year that keep connect our citizens to major employers connected. In 2020, our transit system will need state funding to obtain federal dollars to make capital improvements.

The Kentucky Infrastructure Coalition’s agenda is to ensure adequate funding is available to repair and maintain Kentucky’s current transportation network while also creating a modern, multi-modal infrastructure network that will support a 21st Century economy.

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Members of Kentucky Infrastructure Coalition

Kentuckians for Better Transportation

Kentucky Association of Counties

Kentucky Magistrates and Commissioners Association

Kentucky Chamber of Commerce

Kentucky Highway Industries (Kentucky Association of Highway Contractors,

Plantmix Asphalt Industry of Kentucky, and Kentucky Crushed Stone Association)

Kentucky Equipment Distributors

American Council of Engineering Companies of Kentucky

Kentucky Association of Manufacturers

Kentucky Association for Economic Development

Kentucky Farm Bureau

Kentucky County Judge|Executive Association

Kentucky Aviation Association

AAA Northern Kentucky

Kentucky Concrete Association

Kentucky Public Transit Association

Kentucky Association of Railroads

Kentucky Automotive Industry Association