Based in Frankfort, Kentucky, the Kentucky Crushed Stone Association was established in 1944 and today has more than 110 members. Our mission the following: 

The unified voice of the Kentucky aggregates industry advocating and educating in order to sustain, build and grow our communities.

One-third of the members are stone, sand or gravel producers. The other two-thirds are associate members who furnish and supply equipment such as trucks and loaders; services such as banking and insurance; and supplies such as fuel, tires and explosives that are used within the industry. Honorary life memberships recognize individuals who have been active in supporting the industry during their careers.

While supporting its members, the KCSA offers insurance programs, including health, life, disability, and worker’s compensation. Through support of its membership, the KCSA partners with the Kentucky Association of Highway Contractors and Plantmix Asphalt Industry of Kentucky and annually funds $60,000 in scholarships to deserving students. The three associations each contribute one third of this contribution. The association takes pride in the partnerships it has developed with higher education institutions to promote a broad range of occupations involved in the industry and the development of programs that will draw new blood into this vocation. One such partnership is with the University of Kentucky through its Mining Engineering Program.  

The KCSA recognizes outstanding contributions to the crushed stone industry in Kentucky. Each year, the organization supports a number of awards, including annual safety awards to member companies designed to promote safety within the industry. Other recognitions include a Miner of the Year award and Good Neighbor awards presented in four categories: Environmental, Productivity, Community Relations and Beautification. 

The KCSA also offers a Leadership program to Emerging Leaders. This program helps train the future leaders of the crushed stone industry by providing additional training on the individual, the team, the organization, the business and to grow their network.