Benefits of Membership

  • KCSA is a member-focused trade association representing the various interest of the crushed stone industry at the state level.
  • KCSA’s staff provides support and assistance to member companies in product promotion, market development, legislative and regulatory issues, public affairs and a variety of other areas.
  • KCSA works closely with other associations and groups that further the interests of our industry, its customers and the public.
  • KCSA members are kept informed on a timely basis on vital issues affecting their business through the KCSA newsletter and other special mailings.
  • KCSA’s lobbying activities with the Kentucky General Assembly and other state agencies promote legislation and regulations that reflect the needs of the industry.
  • KCSA’s standing committees solve problems, develop programs, stay abreast of new developments, and permit members to share experiences.
  • KCSA’s meetings, seminars, workshops and training programs are conducted for member companies’ personnel.

Types of Memberships

The Kentucky Crushed Stone Association has three classifications of Members: Regular Membership, Associate Membership and Honorary Life Membership.

To be a regular Member of the Kentucky Crushed Stone Association, one must be an individual, firm or corporation that crushes, markets, and sells any product that has been extracted from a limestone, sand, or gravel deposit and who meets the other requirements of membership. Each Regular Member shall be entitled to one vote.

An Associate Member is any individual, firm, or corporation engaged in the manufacturing or selling of equipment, materials, and supplies, or performing services to the crushed limestone, sand, or gravel industry in Kentucky and who meets the other requirements for membership but does not fall under the definition of a Regular Member.

The third classification is an Honorary Life Membership. In recognition of exceptional meritorious service and contribution toward the advancement of the Association and dedicated participation in the affairs and activities of the Association, a person who has retired and is no longer active in the operations of a Member company may, upon passage of a resolution by the Board of Directors, be designated as an Honorary Life Member of the Association.

To download an application form, please select which type of member best describes you and your company.

Download form: Producer Membership Application

Download form: Associate Membership Application