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2023 Producer Member Awards Nomination Packet

2023 Associate Member Awards Nomination Packet


Honorary Life Member Awards

In recognition of long and faithful service to the crushed stone industry in Kentucky, the Kentucky Crushed Stone Association grants Honorary Life Memberships by specific actions of the Board of Directors. The primary purpose of Honorary Life Membership is to recognize outstanding contributions to the crushed stone industry in Kentucky and to keep such individuals apprised of industry developments. Below are the past award winners of this prestigious award. Click here to view the Honorary Life Member Awards.


Miner of the Year

The Miner of the Year Award is presented annually by the Kentucky Crushed Stone Association to recognize the outstanding contributions to the aggregates industry by an individual. As a respected leader in the industry, this individual?s distinguished achievements in the industry in Kentucky and KCSA deserve special recognition. Individuals nominated for this award exemplify the very best in their profession and continually bring credit to the industry and to their entire community. These individuals contribute significantly to the aggregates industry by providing a safe working environment, being innovative in problem-solving, demonstrating a concern for the environment, and contributing to the betterment of his/her community through civic and community affairs activities. Click here to view the Miner of the Year recipients.


Good Neighbor Award

The Kentucky Crushed Stone Association implemented the Good Neighbor Award in 2000 to recognize aggregate producers and associates whose community involvement and support activities enhanced the public’s perception of the aggregates industry. The Kentucky Crushed Stone Association firmly believes that an active community relations program is the best way for an aggregate producer or affiliated company within the industry to demonstrate clearly that a company can be and, indeed is, an asset in any community. The ultimate goal of the Good Neighbor Award program is improvement of the public’s perception of both local crushed stone, sand and gravel operations and those that support the aggregates industry by generating positive media exposure. Click here to view the Good Neighbor Awards.


Safety Milestone Awards

The KCSA Safety Contest Awards are based on MSHA reportable injuries not lost-time injuries. We also give special awards to companies who have gone several years without a lost-time injury (Safety Milestone Award).  Such outstanding safety records deserve to be recognized since they demonstrate a company's real commitment to the safety of its employees. Those companies who have won Milestone Awards in the past may enter again each year as they may have moved up to the next category. Click here to view the Safety Milestone Awards.