Non-Traditional Instruction Work at Home - Aggregate Industry

The aggregates industry helps with Non-Traditional Instruction (NTI) Work at Home.
The aggregates industry would like to provide some helpful information for our young people to get through this isolation period. We are hoping to provide weekly content from educational videos including drone footage to driving machinery to the crushing plant. We are also hoping to provide coloring books, crossword puzzles, and other creative work to pass along. 
Week 1 - Content
Have you ever wanted to drive a loader?
Featuring Harrod Concrete and Stone
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This short video was created by Max Good with Harrod Concrete and Stone. He created this video to help teach children a little bit about a loader in a rock quarry and hopefully they pick up some other fun facts along the way! We hope you enjoy this vidoe of the loader. 

The Story of Cubee The Aggregate
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Teachers and Parents,

Sometimes things are used so often and in so many places, we no longer consider their significance. But, the importance of aggregates – rocks used in construction and industry – can hardly be overstated. Aggregates are essential to the safety, comfort, productivity and standard-of-living we enjoy.

The purpose of this coloring book is to help children to recognize the importance of aggregates, as well as to teach them how we provide these essential rocks, sand and gravel to our community. Just about every type of construction requires aggregates. Aggregates form solid building bases and foundations, and are essential ingredient in asphalt and concrete – staple materials used in nearly every kind of pavement and building project.

In addition, certain types of aggregates are used to treat emissions from coal-fired power plants, while other types are used to sustain agricultural productivity and even to enhance products like paint, paper, toothpaste and pharmaceuticals.

In short, we all have the same goal in mind: To make our communities the best they can be. It all starts with getting to know each other better. We practice community and environmental care as a matter of common sense and respect for our neighbors.

We hope the children enjoy coloring the pages in this book, and perhaps, everyone will learn a little more about our work as aggregate producers in the community.


Have you ever wanted to see an underground mining operation?

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This is a video was created by Max Good with Harrod Concrete and Stone. The video was made to teach a little about Harrod Concrete and Stone's underground mining operation. Hopefully you learn some interesting facts about mining and some other fun facts along the way. As of right now all schools are still closed in the State of Kentucky so kids are doing Non-Traditional Instruction or NTI work each day. We hope you enjoy you enjoy the tour of the underground limestone operation.
Week 2 - Content

CAT Machine and Product coloring pages

Coloring book link -

This 19 page coloring book features an #articulated dump truck, #backhoe, #excavator, #front shovel, #mini excavator, #motor grader, #multi Terrain Loader, #off highway truck, #pneumatic compactor, #soil compactor, #tele loader, #track loader, #track skidder, #track-type tractor, #vibratory soil compactor, #enclosed generator set, #open generator set, #engine. powered lift truck and a #reach truck. This is a fantastic coloring book that will help educate children the different types of construction equipment and supporting tools. 



Rock On! 

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Company - CRH Materials

This educational video provides footage of the many uses of stone, sand and gravel. These materials are used in both asphalt and concrete. Did you know, crushed stone consists of 95% in asphalt and 80% in concrete? That’s right, these two products need a lot of crushed stone. Crushed stone is used to build highways, bridges, city streets, buildings, sidewalks, bike paths, patios, houses, water treatment facilities and lots more. 


This video provides some excellent footage of how a surface limestone mine prepares for a blast at a quarry. You will see how a shot is drilled and the actual shot or blast goes off. You will see the crushing, screening, and conveyor belts that are used to transport the stone through the quarry. 


We would like to thank CRH Materials for providing this excellent video.

I Build America - Activity Book


This workbook - The I Build America Activity Book is a fun and interactive way to show children the importance of construction, with puzzles and games that help them learn about the construction industry. 


Hello Crewman! Welcome to your new job in construction. First, you will learn about the tools and equipment you will be using in the field. Then, you will learn the importance of water, electricity, roads, and buildings. We also need your help with fixing broken equipment and decoding a message to share with others. Sound like fun? Great, let's build America!

Week 3 - Content

Rocks Build Our World

Can you imagine a world without rocks? This video shows you why rocks are so important to our daily lives. Rocks are in everything in cell phones to sunscreen to makeup to tooth paste. 


Week 4 - Content

Have you ever wanted to drive a concrete truck?

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