Safety Milestone Awards

Safety Milestone Awards

The KCSA Safety Contest Awards are based on MSHA reportable injuries not lost-time injuries.

We also give special awards to companies who have gone several years without a lost-time injury (Safety Milestone Award).  Such outstanding safety records deserve to be recognized since they demonstrate a company's real commitment to the safety of its employees. Those companies who have won Milestone Awards in the past may enter again each year as they may have moved up to the next category.

The awards for the Safety Contest and the Milestone Awards are presented at the KCSA Summer Meeting.

2016 Award Winners




5 Years with No Lost-Time Accidents:


Rock Drilling, Inc.

Brandywine Explosives & Supply, Inc.
Hinkle Contracting Company, LLC - Barren County Stone

10 Years with No Lost-Time Accidents:

Hinkle Contracting Company, LLC - Monroe County Stone


Mountain Aggregates, Inc. - Elkhorn Stone


The Walker Company - Menifee Stone


15 Years with No Lost-Time Accidents:

Vulcan Construction Materials, LLC - Fort Knox Quarry


20 Years with No Lost-Time Accidents:


Orica USA

The following companies are being recognized for safety records without a lost-time injury in 2016:
Mountain Materials - Carter City Quarry - 348 man hours
Orica USA - 3,788 man hours 
Hinkle Contracting Company, LLC - Allen County Stone - 14,030 man hours
Hinkle Contracting Company, LLC - Barren County Stone - 22,768 man hours
Austin Powder Company - Willisburg Stie Mid-South, LLC - 24,158 man hours
Hinkle Contracting Company, LLC - Somerset Stone Company - 39,084 man hours
Rock Drilling, Inc. - 46,972 man hours
Rogers Group, Inc. - Hopkinsville Aggregate - 50,889 man hours
Vulcan Construction Materials, LLC - Central Mine - 69,695 man hours
Midland Powder, LLC - 72,530 man hours
Rogers Group, Inc. - Jefferson County Stone - 83,690 man hours
Rogers Group, Inc. - Bullitt County Stone - 87,026 man hours
Mine Equipment & Mill Supply Company - 132,831 man hours
Pine Bluff Sand & Gravel Company - Cumberland River Quarry - 206,071 man hours